Updates in the Maritime Sector in Nigeria

In a recent Webinar session ‘Covid-19 and the Nigerian Maritime Sector: Lessons and the Way Forward’ the Managing Director of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA); Hadiza Bala Usman, stated that the NPA is intensifying says efforts to ensure that a Single Window cargo clearing platform is established in the nation’s seaports in order to drive efficient and automated port operations which is especially needed at this time of the outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

One of the major challenges bedevilling efficient and effective processes and procedures as well as timely delivery of services at the Nigerian ports are multiple window platforms which in turn affects the consignee due to the excessive payments. In our article ‘A Brief on Exportation Challenges in Nigeria: What is the Way Forward?’ we expatiated on some of these issues.

The NPA is also working on the automation of services at the ports, this would reduce the long hours spent at the ports for freight-forwarders and all other service providers in the logistics value chain. In our article, ‘Nigeria’s Ports and COVID-19 – A Brief Review of Measures to Tame the Pandemic (Part 1)’ we also reiterated the importance of digitalization of services at the ports.

We are excited on the developments the NPA is working on and are certain that in no time these would all be implemented which would greatly and positively influence trade between Nigeria and other countries globally.

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