Nigeria’s Export & Import Prohibited Items

This piece highlights import and export prohibited items in Nigeria.

The edible and non-edible export prohibited Items:

1. Maize

2.Timber (rough or sawn)

3. Raw hides and skin (including We Blue and all unfinished leather)

4. Scrap Metals

5. Unprocessed rubber latex and rubber lumps

6. Artifacts and Antiquities Wildlife animals classified as endangered species and their products e.g. Crocodile; Elephant, Lizard, Eagle, Monkey, Zebra, Lion etc.

The edible and non-edible import prohibited Items:

  1. Live or Dead Birds including Frozen Poultry
  2. Pork and Pork Products, Beef and Beef Products, Mutton, Lamb and Goat Meat
  3. Birds Eggs
  4. Flowers [Plastic and Fresh]
  5. Cassava/Cassava Products
  6. Fresh and Dried Fruits
  7. Maize
  8. Wheat Flour
  9. Vegetable Oils and Fats
  10. Sugar Confectionaries [Other than Chocolate]

Source: Nigeria Customs Service, Nigerian Shippers Council

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