Why You Need to Transport your Cargo(es) in Nigeria using Barge

Barge Operations: Tugboats and their importance.

Why so much fuss about Barge Operations in Nigeria? Your guess is as good as mine. It’s the most cost and time effective means of transporting your cargoes from the Lagos ports to your desired destination. How does that sound to you? Awesome is most likely your response. If you would like to learn more about the average cost of transporting cargoes by barge in Nigeria then you should our piece HERE.

I want you to picture a scenario where you do not have to waste your hard-earned money and time waiting to access your cargoes at the Lagos Ports. We want the same for you which is why we have been spreading the gospel about our barge operations which promises to swiftly and efficiently transport your cargoes directly from the Lagos Ports to our Lekki Jetty and then to your desired destination. It’s really that simple.  Our barge operations process promises to ease the congestion and also reduce the number of days your cargo(es) would spend at the Lagos Ports thereby cutting-off expenses for your business.

Today, we will examine how tugboats come to play in aiding the process of barge operations. Tugboats are vessels that maneuver other vessels by pushing or pulling them either by direct contact or by using a tow line.

Barges need the help of tugboats to be towed from one place to another. These tugboats are strongly built and are very powerful for the size they come in.

There are two types of tugboats:

1. River tugboats; and

2. Harbor tugboats.

While harbor tugboats operate in harbors, river tugboats cannot be deployed in the sea, due to their design which is not suitable for sea operations.

Harbor tugboats are also capable of maneuvering in any direction and can also produce steam force. Even though some barges need help of these tugboats, others do not require the assistance from tugboats and are known as self-propelled barges.

Barges are the most fuel-efficient mode of transport for cargo(es) and other things in the inland water ways and near harbors. If there’s another reason why you should consider using barges for the transportation of your cargo(es), I’ve got one for you. You’re saving the environment; how? Barges reduce air pollution as it gets rid of the need of using so many trucks to transport what one barge can transport. Thus, it’s an not only an efficient and cost-saving option in the shipping business but it is also environmentally friendly.

Our Barge Operations cover but are not limited to Importation, Exportation and Empties management. We at TGL are readily available to smoothen your journey with our swift logistics system. Our services cover logistics, commodities trading and providing EPC services in the energy sector and other related sectors. With a team of over 50 years’ combined experience in freight forwarding, out-country and in-country logistics, compliance/documentation, and core technology services and we are more than able to ensure that the logistics process(es) of your business stays afloat.

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    These articles on Barge operations are quite educating and insightful. Its worth giving a try.

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