Barge Operations and its Importance in the Present Day Nigeria

Barge operations in Nigeria as we know has become one of the fast-rising means of transporting goods especially in large seaports with a strong inland waterway connectivity. Asides cost efficiency, it is environmentally friendly, and it is a swift means of transporting goods. Ordinarily, an exporter/importer would be tired of the present condition of the Apapa and Tin Can ports as the poor road networks and congestion on the road slows down the logistics process and thus translates to the unavoidable surge in the cost of moving goods. The average cost of transporting goods (40-foot container) from Apapa to Ikeja; a roughly short distance rose from about N350,000 to N650,000/ N700,000 in a span of about just six months (from Q4 2019 to Q1 2020). 

The sudden surge in the cost of moving goods led a lot of businesses to incur huge losses and resulted in some businesses closing operations. Also, trucks spend weeks on bridges before being exported thereby causing perishable goods to perish quickly.

Barge Operations makes life much easier for businesses and individuals. The transportation process is easier and faster. The use of barge is definitely one of the most effective and efficient means of transporting goods from the ports through coastal shipping. It would drastically reduce the pressure on the roads which are presently over-stretched. While goods get to various destinations securely and timely. A win-win situation for all.

The incorporation of barge operations into the shipping system has greatly eased the logistics process and experience. We are widely known for our swift and affordable transportation of cargoes. At TGL we are dedicated to making all your logistics process as seamless as possible.

Our Barges run effectively from the ports to the Lekki coastline. Our Barge Operations covers but are not limited to Importation, Exportation and Empties management. We at TGL are readily available to smoothen your journey with our swift logistics system. Our services cover logistics, commodities trading and providing EPC services in the energy sector and other related sectors.

With a team of over 50 years’ combined experience in freight forwarding, out-country and in-country logistics, compliance/documentation, and core technology services and we are more than able to ensure that the logistics process(es) of your business stays afloat.

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