Developing the water transport system: A necessity.

Most countries that make effective use of their water transport system are usually faced with the problem of maintaining the transport system infrastructure. This means of transportation has proven to be the easiest and, the fastest way of transporting cargoes as there is usually no limit to what they can carry.

Nigeria utilizes water transportation for the movement of goods and even people. This system of transportation has proven to be a very effective and beneficial one to the economy of the country. The problem faced is how to continuously maintain the water transportation infrastructure which include activities such as: routine dredging, de-silting, and removal of water plants amongst other maintenance procedures. These are ongoing concerns for major stakeholders. Unfortunately, the government has not done enough to ensure the maintenance of water transportation infrastructure.

The lack of a well-developed water transport system in Nigeria has hindered the progress of a lot of industries. The effects of a well-developed waterway system cannot be underestimated. Transporting cargoes within places like Lokoja through Onitsha, to Warri Port would become easy, cheap, fast, and widely reliable. The Mega-City; Lagos, would be experiencing fewer congestions in areas that are nearer to the port.

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