Procurement Logistics: What You Need To Know

“Purchasing power is the license to purchase power” Raul Vaneigm.

I am not even surprised anymore, I just want this to stop. How can every weekend seem like an hour break? Last Friday, I was telling a friend the many things I would like to do over the weekend, and here I am again. Well, maybe I just got carried away with the relaxation, I had a long week last week. How was your weekend though? I hope you rested well and set a tone of how you want this new week to be. Remember, failing to plan means planning to fail. Welcome to Logistics Monday.

We would be discussing Procurement Logistics in this week’s bulletin. For starters, what is Procurement Logistics?

The first step to take when there is a need to manufacture a product is to source for the materials needed for the production. This is exactly what procurement logistics does.Procurement logistics is an important entity in the supply chain and and it focuses on purchasing of the raw materials and every other item needed for the manufacturing process

However, Procurement Logistics does not simply manage the buying of materials; it additionally handles putting away, arranging, and transporting these materials to and from the warehouse. The procurement logistics team is likewise liable for item sourcing and choice arrangements, terms and conditions, correspondence and buying procedures to help keep the cost of acquisition as low as could be expected. Specific functionalities in procurement logistics include:

  1. Aiding suppliers to improve their services and quality.
  2. Analyzing and evaluating suppliers and substitute products.
  3. Ensuring that the supplies reach their respective destination.
  4. Constant revision of the suppliers service levels
  5. Keeping a constant knowledge of the whereabouts of the orders
  6. Attending the legalization of merchandize in an opportune manner.
  7. Renegotiating the service level when necessary.
  8. Negotiating discounts and payments conditions.

In line with everything said, TGL provides a top-notch service in procurement logistics. Also, whether inbound or outbound, TGL provides multi-modal end to end haulage solutions which is dedicated to ensuring that your goods leave or arrive in a time and cost efficient and effective manner. TGL works around the infrastructure challenges in Africa to give you that optimal logistics solution.

For more information, contact 0804 TGL DESK

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