Freight Tracking Solutions – Your Trusted Source for Insight

Freight Tracking Solutions – Your Trusted Source for Insight

Freight Tracking Solutions – Your Trusted Source for Insight

Freight tracking is an essential part of your operations. The movement of your freight directly impacts the cost of shipping and the timeliness you can achieve by using freight tracking. Tracking provides visibility into pick and pack, from inception to delivery, so you can know exactly where your goods are at all times. With freight tracking solutions, you can better manage your freight inventory, reduce theft or damage in transit and maximize profitability through supply chain visibility.

Freight tracking platforms provide real-time data on vehicle location, speed and acceleration, driver activity, and more. This information can be used to improve route planning, monitor driver performance, and identify problems with your fleet. Freight tracking solutions also provide detailed information about cargo transportation to help managers understand the health of their business.

There are many advantages to using freight tracking:

1.     Increased Efficiency

 Most companies do not realize how much time they spend looking for goods that have been stolen or damaged by thieves. With integrated monitoring systems in place, you can track every step of the way from pick to delivery, including when goods were loaded onto a truck or rail car and when they were transferred between carriers along their journey. This allows for more efficient inventory management and ensures that each shipment arrives on time as promised.

2.     Better Security

Theft is a major concern for commercial shippers as it impacts both the bottom line and reputation of companies in the industry. A large percentage of thefts occur at locations where shipments are stored overnight due to a lack of security or high levels.

3.      Maintain Competition

Utilizing tracking technology helps businesses become more efficient and adopt a customer-centric mindset. Customers value companies that can give them precise shipping information even when items cross international borders. It’s critical to stay on top of the curve given how many businesses are investing in tracking technologies.

4.      Fulfill Client Demands

Businesses can better serve customers by streamlining the delivery procedure. You must meet the expectation of your customer whether they pay for overnight shipping or demand a certain delivery date. Your team can guarantee on-time delivery of shipments by using reliable tracking information. You can maintain your commitments if you spot missing packages quickly and catch delays before they affect arrival.

5.     Increasing Accountability

Tracking your freight has the benefit of increasing accountability. What happens when a package is delayed or lost? Thanks to package monitoring, there is no ambiguity. You can track a shipment’s arrival at a location down to the minute, down to who signs for it.

Your team will be alerted as soon as a package departs from its intended course thanks to GPS tracking. You can also speak with the driver right away to reclaim loads. Where a carrier left off, tracking shipments automatically can carry on. Following the delivery being recorded as “received,” monitoring makes sure it reaches the intended recipient.

6.      Monitor and Redirect Delays

Are you concerned about unforeseen traffic jams, vehicle issues, or driver errors? You can automatically redirect items and discover delays with electronic tracking. This process begins when your tracking system detects that a package has deviated from the intended course. The system then alerts the shipper of the issue. The tracking crew can then speak with the driver to find out what went wrong and offer a solution.

Automated tracking can help you locate shipments that are behind schedule and get them onto new trucks before they fall behind. With the help of this technology, heavy traffic can be avoided by taking new routes.

Your business can immediately notify the client if a problem causes a delay. Better customer service is possible thanks to early detection from your staff. Additionally, it allows clients enough time to make necessary preparations for revised delivery dates.

7.     Make changes based on data

You can obtain comprehensive insights on recurrent patterns with your freight shipments by using your transportation management system, which manages all of your automated trackings. You can see the carriers you use and the routes you use the most. Analyze which carriers you utilize the most frequently and which ones you use for your largest goods. All of this information can improve your negotiating position and help you choose the best carrier for each freight.

What TGL Offers

TGL is a logistics company that offers high-quality and affordable services to companies across the globe. We can handle your freight with total transparency, offering value-added services at affordable prices to help you reduce your costs and improve your profit margins. The reason we’re able to offer such effective solutions is that we’re flexible enough to provide unique solutions for each client’s specific needs. We recognize that every client has different needs, so we’re always standing by to help you each step of the way. We handle your freight with total transparency, letting you know exactly where your shipments are at all times. We work hard from the moment you call until your freight arrives at its destination, making sure that our customers’ needs are handled with professionalism, expertise, and efficiency. We work with you to make sure that you have someone on hand to answer questions every step of the way, offering advice on how best to maximize profits and keep expenditures as low as possible.

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