Ease in Transportation of Goods: The Rail Freight Option

The role of globalization and economic integration in the world we live today can hardly be ignored. The significant changes the world has experienced as a result are glaring for all to see. Among other things, the freight system of a country also plays a major role in a country’s economic growth. There is need to move goods safely, quickly and cost-efficiently and the success of this depends on how effective the freight transportation system is.

In a liberal economy and a highly urbanised society, many cities currently experience notable challenges in the mobility of their goods. These challenges include illegal parking, just-in-time delivery, pollution, traffic congestion etc. To tackle this problem, several models has been developed and one of the means of using some of these developed methods is through the rail freight transportation. This is the use of trains and rail roads to transport cargo as opposed to transporting human passengers. The benefits of the rail freight system make this system a prime option.

For starters, rail freight plays a significant role in reducing the number of trucks and traffic congestion on a country’s roads. Due to this great ability of rail, each freight can replace about 50 heavy good vehicles. Also, this system of moving goods is increasingly the most cost-effective way of transporting freight. Trains use less fuel compared to any other transportation and that means this method will come out cheaper than any other means of transportation of cargo especially when economies of scale is considered.

In conclusion, the days of large railroad accidents are long past and railroad safety and security has really improved in the last few decades. Since then, the rail freight has become one of the safest possible solutions for transporting goods. Also, with the improvements in electric trains, it has become really reliable, and currently stands second best to air freight in terms of speed. Because it is running on railways, there is nothing that can obstruct the path of a train on its way, meaning that there will be no delays due to outside factors. So, if you require your goods to be delivered on time, this would be a viable choice.

Other benefits of rail freight system and solutions to logistics challenges would be discussed in our future bulletins.

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