Warehousing: A Symbolic Element in Logistics

“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned” Benjamin Franklin.

You probably would starve the whole time or keep eating trashy food if you cannot preserve your food in the most appropriate way. Sometimes I wonder how I fill my belly with top notch meals after a long day at work. I do not even need to do much as I make use of my refrigerator! So, while I am having my bath and washing off the sweat and grime from the 2 hours of traffic, my coconut rice from the fridge is already getting microwaved. Organized feeding process and eating of good food all the time is a no brainer for me!

Warehousing is like the refrigerator in our houses.  Warehousing is an important function which involves holding and preserving variety of goods from time they are produced to when they are consumed.  Storage of goods involves making proper setting for keeping goods in perfect condition without a reduction in their properties and qualities till they are needed by the ultimate consumer and taken to the market. It creates both time and place value. Warehousing has several benefits in logistics and some of these includes:

  • Benefits to the Economy

Warehouse offers a wide range of benefits to businesses; from cutting down cost of transportation to cutting down shipping and delivery cost. The accumulation of goods allows a warehouse act as buffer and keep a balance in supply and demands of goods.

  • Reduction in delivery errors

Warehousing creates room for timely delivery of products. It helps in reducing mistakes in product delivery and prevents loss of goods during delivery.

  • Effective packaging and processing

Warehouses provide packaging and shipping services. It also provides the equipment necessary to move, package and process orders from customers.

  • It helps in inventory control.

It is easier to supply and demand with warehouses for a rapidly changing environment. Warehousing helps in managing a large amount of business inventory.

At TGL, we provide warehousing solutions in cold storage, dry goods, high value or special storage; ensuring your goods are handled with the best care possible. Our strategic alliances with container terminal and related operators, whether in Free Trade Zones or the Customs Territory, further gives you less-costly options in keeping your goods.

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