Export Logistics: What You Need to Know

We must acknowledge that we will not always get it right every time and we are bound to fail sometimes. It is also important we understand that failure is not something contrary to success, it is important for success, so next time you fall, do not stay still on the ground, instead get yourself back up! Your next move might be the one to change everything for good. Do not stop. Welcome to Logistics Monday.

Export Logistics addresses the whole production network channel which incorporates smoothing out of order handling, transportation, stock administration, clearing of export goods, storage, handling and bundling. Proficient export logistics management can give an organization upper hand through diminished product cycles and better order handling. Process involved in export logistics include:

  • Item Packing

Items transported as export require significantly more prominent handling than local shipments. The Exporter should pack the merchandise to guarantee the weight and estimations are kept to a base, breakage is stayed away from, the container is theft proof and that the products don’t experience the ill effects of the burdens of sea shipment.

The sort of delivery may decide the sort of packing that an organization should utilize; for example on the off chance that the merchandise is conveyed by ship, the exporter must know whether they will be put above or underneath deck. Additionally, proper packing can lessen the danger of burglary during shipment for exports. One of the significant process in item packing is container dressing.

Container Dressing is a mix of craft liners and Container Desiccants and Craft liners utilized inside containers during export of different Commodities. The container dressing is dependent on the the type of commodity transported.  Materials used in container dressing include single kraft, double kraft, moisture bags pp thread, container seal, fumigation chemicals etc. Each container is dressed according to the type of product that is being transported and it is essential that a container is properly dressed because spoilt/damaged products are most times rejected in the port.

  • Item Markings

The exporter ought to know that specific markings are vital on merchandise moved globally. A few nations necessitate that the nation of beginning be set apart outwardly of the compartment and even have guidelines concerning how the mark of origin ought to show up. Marking differentiate the organization’s export products from those of different transporters.

Marking on item gives the accompanying significant data:

  1. country of origin
  2.  Number of bundles
  3. handling marks iv.
  4. shipment imprint
  5. cautionary markings
  6.  port of duty
  7.  labels for dangerous materials
  • Item Labelling

 It is fundamental to guarantee that the traded merchandise is appropriately named. Food and medications should regularly convey uncommon marking as dictated by the laws of the nation of origin. Certain transportation marks should show up outwardly of the bundle. The weight and measurements ought to be noticeable and any extraordinary directions ought to be shown. The trading organization might need to rehash these guidelines in the language of the shipper’s country.

At TGL, we understand how significant the export process is and so we ensure your goods are properly marked, labelled, packaged in a way that suits all the requirements to reach the goods destination. We ensure that your goods are in proper shape during the time of transportation by making use of all the necessary preservation and storage method which suits the kind of goods you are exporting. We offer wide scope of container desiccants that meets the necessities of clients.

Also, there are some certificates like Phyto Sanitary Certificates, Fumigation, Certificate of Origin etc.  that are needed when agricultural products are to be exported, all which TGL will help you with.

With a team of over 50 years’ combined experience in freight forwarding, inbound and outbound logistics, compliance/documentation, and core technology services and we are more than able to ensure that the logistics process(es) of your business stays afloat. We also provide the haulage services from the pickup point to the port.

Get in touch with our Experts to discuss your Logistics requirements.

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