A Sneak Peek of our Barge Operations at TGL

Welcome to another exciting piece on Barge Operations in Nigeria. In this piece, we show you snapshots of our Barge Operations at TGL. If you have been following our blog, then you would definitely be familiar with our articles on barge operations. Today’s article won’t be anything lengthy just a sneak peak on what our company does and how our barge operates.

The Apapa Ports (Lagos Port Complex, also referred to as Premiere Port (Apapa Quays) and the Tin-Can Island Port)  have received numerous shipments of containers via barge in an effort to help reduce regular road congestion that has become all the more urgent during construction work on the Lagos port access road. This has really eased and improved the movements of cargoes from terminals to different parts of the country and this is also a specialization for us at TGL.

A crawler crane is set to start offloading containers from barges at the terminal. The crane operators are fully on ground and barges have started coming in from APM Terminal. As at 6:30am today, 5 40ft trucks left the terminal carrying 2 units of 20ft containers each to a destination within Lagos. We’ve also offloaded 10 units of 20ft containers at the terminal awaiting trucks to convey them.

Meanwhile, a second barge is on sea. Efforts are being made to get it to berth so we can start offloading them as soon as possible. At TGL we are dedicated to making all your logistics processes as seamless as possible.

Our Barge Operations covers but are not limited to Importation, Exportation and Empties management. We at TGL are readily available to smoothen your journey with our swift logistics system. Our services cover logistics, commodities trading and providing EPC services in the energy sector and other related sectors. With a team of over 50 years’ combined experience in freight forwarding, out-country and in-country logistics, compliance/documentation, and core technology services and we are more than able to ensure that the logistics process(es) of your business stays afloat.

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