Benefits Of Shipping With Barges

If you want to move products from one place to another, barge shipping is an economical and alternative way to do so. The ability to keep your cargo in one location, without the added expense of trucking it back and forth gives barges an edge over other alternatives. 

Also, barges are a great tool for world trade. Their on and offloading facilities are much cheaper than the expensive land-side facilities of ships. In this article, we will be discussing the different benefits that come with this kind of transportation.

  1. Cost-Efficient

Even as shipping costs for truck freight increase every year, barge transportation remains an affordable option. When barges are used for transportation and shipping, the benefits are passed along to everyone in the supply chain.

  1. Congestion is reduced by barges

Barges can mitigate the risk of expensive infrastructure repairs by reducing the number of vehicles regularly traveling the roadways. It is estimated that 118,688 interstate lane miles of pavement would need to be resurfaced with approximately 2 inches of asphalt if barge transportation were moved to highways. 

  1. Safety

Transport by barge is significantly safer than transportation by truck. Recent research shows that for every injury caused by a barge accident, more than 824 are caused by truck accidents. Moreover, barge spills of over 1,000 gallons are very low, at 2.12 gallons per million ton-miles, while truck spills are at 6.04. The barge transportation method could improve working conditions and reduce risks and liabilities for business owners.

  1. Suitable for the environment

With reduced fuel consumption and greater cargo capacity, fewer emissions are released into the air. Unlike rail or truck transportation, waterway systems do not require urban developers to build or repair infrastructure. Unlike boats, barges have little impact on surrounding nature and do not create noise pollution. The main benefit of building waterways away from densely populated areas is that they reduce the impact on the environment.

At TGL, our barge operations have been designed in such a way that from the comfort of your office or home, you can have your cargo brought to your doorstep and your empties returned at no extra cost.

TGL barge operations have proven to be one of the best in the country as we are second to none and it has proven to be among the swiftest ways to import or export. Our barge is a cost and time-effective means of transporting your cargoes.

No longer do you have to wait for weeks or months to have access to your goods. You no longer have to battle the congestion faced at the Ports. With our barge operations, your goods are moved from the ports to our jetties and then to your warehouse. The bonus point for you is that you avoid incurring extra costs on the length of days your goods would have spent at the port.

Our Barge Operations cover but are not limited to Importation, Exportation, and Empties management. We at TGL are readily available to smoothen your journey with our swift logistics system. With a team of over 50 years combined experience in freight forwarding, inbound and outbound logistics, compliance/documentation, and core technology services and we are more than able to ensure that the logistics process(es) of your business stays afloat.

Get in touch with our Experts to discuss your Logistics requirements.


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