Importance of Logistical Efficiency to Marketing

The success of any business depends on how efficient and effective its logistic department is. An effective supply chain management would positively influence the marketing strategy of a business.

Logistical efficiency pertains to the process of how effectively a business conducts its logistical operations. This relates to all areas of the operation that include transportation, warehousing, and overall distribution of goods. Achieving a superb logistical process can be daunting and challenging, given the number of obstacles a business would need to overcome in this area, be it truck breakdowns, tariffs, or government regulations, all of these affect the logistical processes of companies and can affect the general output of a business.

The reasons that logistical efficiency is important in marketing pertains to the following:

Delivery Time Reduction – on-time delivery is an important part of marketing strategy. Being able to deliver on time and without hassle is very important for businesses. Marketing can also discuss how processes have been improved and now they are able to get a product to you much quicker. With delivery time being a substantial topic amongst logistic companies, it is essential to reduce your delivery time and add more value to your processes, thus leading to customer loyalty.

Better Quality Control and Monitoring – logistical processes encompass the entire supply chain—including the initial manufacturing and quality control of a product. With any mass-produced item, there will inevitably be flawed or defective products that have some inherent problem. Quality control is all about finding these problems, making sure they do not reach a customer, Logistics is another crucial factor to manufacturers, simply because it enables a high level of control over production processes and immediate adaptations.

Pinpointing Customer Issues – An effective and efficient logistics strategy enables companies to easily track product orders and product shipment data. This enables a business to track product movement, what product was originally ordered and shipped, and what needs to happen to fix the order.
Extra Services – Many businesses offer extra services as part of their marketing strategy; these allow them to impress customers through advanced customer service techniques. With modern logistics, companies can offer advanced tracking options for product shipments that customers can track at any time. Good logistics also allows for greater product customization and tools for customers to use themselves.

Reduces operational expenses – A well-planned logistics strategy eliminates unnecessary costs that were previously ignored. Organizations may now make considerably more strategic incoming and outward and outgoing timetables, ship methods, and routes, and save money at the same time. Strategic overhead expenses have been lowered by company-oriented logistics such as standardization, streamlining, productivity gains, and material economy.

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